Our Food Sharing Philosophy

Helena Food Share

1 in 7 residents of Helena struggles with hunger. 1 in 5 Helena children don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Helena Food Share was founded in 1987 to help provide emergency food to our neighbors who face hunger. Families come to the pantry because they are facing difficult times. These folks need help while they experience difficulty paying medical bills, struggling with a disability, finding their way through a layoff, or they’re simply doing their best to make ends meet with a low or fixed income. No matter the situation, we are dedicated to serving our customers with dignity and respect and providing them with emergency food to help in any circumstances.

Helena Food Share is the home to a number of programs uniquely designed to reduce hunger in our community, and you make each of those programs possible! Your generosity…

provides emergency food for 1,500 local families each month,
serves nearly 1,100 elementary school students every week with the Kid Packs program,
distributes nearly 6,000 pounds of food to local families in need each day,
gives 1,200 volunteer hours to make the pantry’s programs possible per month,
keeps the pantry doors open so local families are served with dignity and respect to give them hope!
It takes a whole community to make our programs possible, so every dollar you give, every can of food you donate, and every hour of volunteer time you commit to making a difference for our friends and neighbors who need to visit our pantry.

You make it possible for us to strive to eliminate hunger in our community. Thank you!

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Helena Food Share
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Our mission is to serve our neighbors in need by providing food in a respectful and dignified way and by working with others to eliminate hunger in the greater Helena area.
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Helena Food Share