Our Gift to Patients and their Families

Child Playing with Nunoerin Sparkle Panel

Very few gifts in life are as special as the birth and life of a child. Children are our most important guests, who enter into our lives, ask for careful attention, stay for a while, and then leave to follow their own way. As we care for these guests, they cause us to become more hopeful. To become more resilient. They cause us to grow in compassion and a willingness to look beyond ourselves. They teach us to be flexible. To laugh and be happy. To be resourceful. To love more than one ever thought a body was able. It is such a privilege to have children in our lives.

At Friends of Children’s Hospital, we strive to support and celebrate the lives of children and their families, especially those who are sick or injured. Now in our 33rd year, we do this by promoting fundraising, voluntarism and building awareness of our state’s only pediatric hospital at Children’s of Mississippi. Together we have raised nearly $30 million to build facilities, purchase needed equipment and provide caring services for hospitalized kids and their families. We are proud to partner with the amazing doctors, nurses, therapists and staff that come to work every day to love on these exceptional children from all across our state.

Our most recent project is raising funds for the purchase of a $75,000 NUNOERIN SPARKLE PANEL system. This system offers glowing lights that dance magically across the surface of the panel providing fun sensory experiences for pediatric patients in a calming environment. We plan to donate these panels to the hospital to be used inside the soon to be renovated Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders waiting rooms. Know that we are actively fundraising for other hospital needs in the amounts of $100k, $500k and $3M.

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Friends of Children's Hospital
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A Patient Plays with Nunoerin Sparkle Panel that helps provide fun sensory experiences and a calming environment
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Children's of Mississippi