Overcoming Most Anything with Support from Denver Children's Home

Jenna and Friends

Jenna was re-admitted into residential care following a failed adoptive placement. With the help of her therapists and caretakers, she worked through her grief and learned to accept this situation as a challenge she would overcome. Initially, Jenna was reluctant to explore joining a family system after experiencing many failed attempts, though she is pushing herself therapeutically to explore her attachment style and create healthy boundaries in interpersonal relationships.

Jenna has exceeded all expectations by being able to re-integrate into a setting from which she successfully discharged, challenging herself to build new relationships, and continuously evaluating ways she can progress. She is currently working on utilizing autonomous skill-building to be more self-reliant and is demonstrating leadership with her peers. She is taking the necessary time to reflect and receive feedback from her team on areas of continued growth.

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Denver Children's Home
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Art Therapy and Friends
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Jordan Brooks, Frozen Fire