Patient Testamonials

Planned Parenthood Clinicians and Staff Care for Patients No Matter What

Here's what some of our patients have to say about care they received at Planned Parenthood.

A 34-year-old patient: "Due to recent law changes in my state, I had to go out of state to finish my care. The staff was quick to notify me of the change, and able to schedule me right away, as well as offer financial aid for travel. I have nothing but praise for the staff and company as a whole for making sure I was able to obtain the care that I needed."

A 22-year-old patient: "I was very nervous but the woman at front counter, as well as the woman that did the intake portion of my procedure, and the nurse practitioner who did the IUD insertion - were all so friendly, knowledgeable, kind, helpful, and totally put my nerves at ease. I was astonished to learn at the Fort Wayne location I was seen at, all birth control was free so I was not charged for the IUD! Such a positive experience."

A 40-year-old patient: "Literally every interaction I've had at Planned Parenthood has been the only good interaction I have ever had with the healthcare industry. They are very sweet, friendly and responsive people! If only everyone was like them!"

A 28-year-old patient: "I have been consistently impressed with the care I've experienced, as well as the respect afforded to me by all staff present. Everyone was incredibly respectful to my identity as a trans person who has not been able to update their legal name yet. The medical assistant made additional effort to help avoid potential triggers for gender dysphoria. Given how busy they seemed at the time of my visit, I was in and out surprisingly quick."

As you can read, patients at Planned Parenthood receive top-quality, fact-based, compassionate reproductive health care - we are able to do this thanks to supporters like you.

Weathering the COVID-19 pandemic and changes to many of our states' laws thanks to the Supreme Court ruling that Americans no longer have the right to abortion, Planned Parenthood has only been able to keep going because of our supporters.

We are still here, still fighting, and still providing care no matter what.

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Every day, Planned Parenthood is able to care for everyone who comes to us in need, thanks to your support. We are working hard to be there for patients, and fighting hard for our rights.
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