Peanut Butter Found His Jam!

Peanut Butter Gets a Second Chance at a Happy Life

It was a brutally hot day in June when the ACT received a call from the Pettis County Sheriff’s department. Animals were in desperate straits. Our Animal Cruelty Task Force rescued Peanut Butter just in time. He was tied to a tree on a property in Pettis County and was in bad shape. His ribs were visible beneath stretched skin. He had ticks, intestinal parasites, a heart murmur and had trouble breathing.

Because of you, we were able to get Peanut Butter the care he needed at our shelter. He was placed on a special diet to help him gain weight. And our veterinary team provided the treatments for his infections. And despite all the trauma, Peanut Butter’s friendly and trusting personality began to shine through.

It took several weeks for Peanut Butter to gain weight and recover from the severe neglect he endured. But soon after Peanut Butter was made available for adoption, he got his second chance and his forever home! Thank you for being there for Peanut Butter every step of the way!

Charity Name
Humane Society of Missouri
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Peanut Butter Receives Vital Care at HSMO
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Humane Society of Missouri