The Perfect Storm

Life Changing

Sue, a middle-aged mother, found herself in a situation that happens often. As a working mother, she provided for her children and paid her rent on time. As rent became due, her landlord decided he did not want to renew her lease. With the prospect of making money on his investment, he intends to remodel her home and sell it. At the same time, her employer was struggling to stay open and had to cut positions due to covid. Her work is one of those cuts. Shortly after she learned that she must find a place to live and a job, she discovered she was pregnant. With no income, she did not qualify for any of the apartments she applied for, so she had no choice but to live with her mother who resides in a senior living community. The children were restless and had no room to be children, so they did what children do and her mother’s neighbors started with the complaints. The community manager threatened to hold her mother in violation of her lease. With nowhere to turn, she reached out to the HFF. The HFF case manager immediately sprang into action advocating for Sue and her children and was able to move her into a master lease unit under HFF. She also gave her children some sense of normalcy with school supplies, coats, Halloween costumes, and other immediate needs. The impact on Sue’s life was tremendous. She can now concentrate on finding a job and a new home for her family. The generous support of partners across greater Columbus provides her with the shelter and security she needs to get back on her feet.

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Home for Families
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Two Lives Forever Changed By Homes for Families
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Home for Families