Pigeon's smile steals hearts but caused trouble


Pigeon’s quirky smile quickly steals hearts, but it was causing him some trouble when he first came to Michigan Humane. The stray shepherd mix has a misaligned jaw, and several of his teeth were rubbing against his gums making it painful to chew. X-rays showed no evidence of injury, so it is likely he was born that way. Our skilled veterinary team performed surgery to remove several of his teeth to make him more comfortable and prevent future issues. Once he healed, he immediately caught the eye of his new family and he was in a forever home in less than 24 hours! Happy endings like Pigeon’s are made possible thanks to the generosity of people like you. Thank you for supporting Michigan Humane this year! CFC #51294

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Michigan Humane
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Pigeon's quirky smile steals hearts
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Michigan Humane staff