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Smiling Again

Since 1944 the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento has been providing services to youth in crisis in the Sacramento region and surrounding communities. The Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento has adapted to the needs of children today by focusing on providing mental health treatment services to the most vulnerable kids and teens through their programs (Residential Treatment Program; Partial Hospitalization Program; Supporting Community Connections Program; and Sprouts: A Trauma Informed Care Preschool).

Earlier this year we had a 15-year-old female client in our Partial Hospitalization program that was struggling with depression, anger, anxiety, and intense suicidal ideation. She was adopted and had many other adopted siblings some of whom have special needs. She felt invisible. She was having angry outbursts at home and struggled to keep herself safe. She came to receive services through our Partial Hospitalization Program and excelled.

Communication was opened during family meetings and the whole family was impacted by the child’s treatment. The whole family began using the coping skills we taught her. She left our program better able to manage the symptoms that were once debilitating and with a multitude of coping skills in her proverbial toolbox. Her family was extremely grateful for our program and we were so proud of her hard work!

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Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento
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