Positive Tomorrows Family Road to Recovery

First Day of School

In the summer of 2018, Christy and her two kiddos, Kara and Caleb, became homeless. During that time, they would switch between being couch homeless and sleeping in their car. At the same time, Christy was experiencing domestic violence at the hands of Kara's father and also struggling with substance abuse. Kara was eventually placed in to foster care, and Caleb was in guardianship with his grandparent. In December 2019, Christy went into a treatment center to focus on recovery from her substance abuse. She graduated from the center in September 2020 and moved into sober living. A year and a half later in June 2021, Kara was reunited with her mom. Kara enrolled at Positive Tomorrows in August 2020, and Caleb enrolled in August 2021. He was reunited with his mom and sister that previous summer. Their PT case manager, Stephanie, worked with Christy to obtain housing through PT's Rapid Rehousing Program. Fast forward, and this family of three is in a house of their own. Their current landlord and PT partner, Theo, is thrilled at how immaculate Christy keeps the house. She pays the rent on time, every time, which helps PT's Family Support team keep landlords partnering with our program. Today, Christy is still active in recovery and attends meetings with a past PT client friend of hers. She moved to a job at a building materials store in Oklahoma City, where she recently received a $2 raise. Christy is now working with Stephanie on school transitions for next year, and longer-term goals for herself and her family. She is a true example of a successful life in recovery.

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