The Promise of Safe Water

A New Waterpoint System is Installed

Access to clean water can be life changing! But in the rural villages of Tanzania, the water available is not safe to drink. Contaminants including bacteria, protozoa and virus are present and contribute to diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio. When children and families do not have clean water, they often miss school and work.

Helping to provide safe water is the first promise of The Outreach Program. Outreach is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Our mission is to provide safe water, food, medical care, and education to those in need at home and abroad. Since inception in 2004 Outreach has been involved in water projects which includes refurbishing abandoned wells and infrastructure, distributing filtration systems, and installing village-scale water purification systems.

Our Waterpoint systems transform contaminated water into clean water and can serve 600-900 people daily. Available as a mobile or stationary unit, each waterpoint system utilizes tubular filter membranes and ultra-violet light. Depending on daily usage, the overall output is approximately 800,000 gallons of clean drinking water over a period of two-four years. Each unit incorporates cleaning in place to help maintain the system and purity of the water. We select schools as the primary installation location giving children easy access to clean drinking water throughout the school day. This also ensures close oversight of the operation and maintenance of each waterpoint system.

“You Can Be the Face of Change” for safe water by giving to The Outreach Program! Your gift of clean water can help change the lives of school children, their families, and their communities. Give today to offer HEALTH… EDUCATION… INCOME and empowerment.

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The Outreach Program
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School students can access clean water
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Isaac McNary, Project Manager