Raising funds for Meniere's disease research, one half-marathon at a time

Katie runs to promote research for her mother's hearing and balance illness

I started experiencing Meniere's symptom in 1999 when I was 39 years old. It began with ringing in the ears, now known to me as tinnitus. I developed hearing loss in my right ear and over many years, I had mild to severe episodes of dizziness, leaving me debilitated for hours at a time. It often made my work as a physical therapist difficult. Fast forward to 2022, my dizzy spells are few and far between. My hearing loss seems to have leveled off but I do wear hearing aids (which has been life changing).

I continue to monitor my sodium intake and exercise regularly, because both of these are important for the treatment of my Meniere’s.

Knowing she couldn't solve my symptoms, my daughter Katie started her nonprofit organization, run because (she is running a half marathon in every state & DC) to raise awareness and funds for Meniere’s research. Her funds go directly to the American Hearing Research Foundation.

AHRF funds hearing and balance research that addresses a broad array of topics.

There is no known cure for Meniere’s disease so research in this area is very important and personal to me. Since Katie began this partnership, AHRF has sponsored three Meniere’s studies – addressing genetics, diagnosis, and an experimental treatment. It’s progress!

I’m so grateful for my supportive family and friends, and delighted there is work going into finding solutions to ease Meniere's symptoms - and all sorts of hearing and balance issues.

- Kim Mayer, Wisconsin

Charity Name
American Hearing Research Foundation
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Kim Mayer (right) who has Meniere's disease, is hugged by activist daughter Katie Mertz
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Rick Mayer