Saving Pepper


Precious kitten Pepper would not have survived without the support of our passionate community. Pepper was one of a small litter of kittens left by their mother beneath a house after she was sadly attacked by another animal. He came to us suffering from ringworms and upper respiratory virus. Thanks to specialized medical care funded by supporters like you, Pepper recovered from his illnesses.

Because he had not previously lived with humans, Pepper also needed some behavioral training to help him adjust to life in a home. This kind of specialized care is rare in shelters, but support from our community allows us to give animals their best shot at finding a family. After three months with our behavioral and animal care teams, Pepper was adopted by a family that can give him the second chance he deserves!

Pepper is just one of 40,000 animals relying on San Diego Humane Society for medical care, shelter, behavioral training and love. With you at our side, we can meet the needs of each and every one, giving more animals like Pepper a happy ending to their story.

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San Diego Humane Society
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San Diego Humane Society