Search and Rescue Dog Saves Life of a Missing Veteran

SAR Dog "Butters" get his official reward for saving a veteran's life

On 15 Feb 2022 Calvert K-9 (CK-9) Search Team was called out by St. Mary's County Sheriff's office to search for a 71 Y/O missing male in Charlotte Hall area. We responded with 5 SAR Dogs, 7 additional searchers and 2 OPS planners. At approximately 1150 a happy find was made by CK-9 dog "Team Butters"! The subject had fallen in the woods the evening before and could not get up, even in the freezing temperatures. Team Butters found him still laying on the frozen ground, but alive, and he was rushed to the hospital where he fully recovered???? A Week later the resident's facility posted the attached picture and the following, " Mr. Butters and his handler Jen came in to see our resident that was located last week by Mr. Butters. Mr. Butters was treated with a nice large bone from the MDVA and fed a nice steak by our resident. As you can see, it was a great visit."

Charity Name
Calvert K-9 Search Team
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Butters gets his Official Reward
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Charlotte Hall Veterans Home