Second Chance for a mom and wife

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“Before coming to Her Story, my life was consumed with my addiction to alcohol. I lived and breathed only for where my next drink would be coming from. I could not function without alcohol; it allowed me to live life without feeling anything. I put it before my marriage and before my two young children. It had consumed me, and I thought there was no way out of the vicious cycle. Every day I got worse and worse because I needed more alcohol. Eventually I was drinking from the time I woke up till the time I went to bed, even drinking in the middle of the night. I was going to lose my marriage and my children, but it wasn't enough for me to stop. I realized it was physically impossible to stop on my own and I needed help. I found Her Story and was able to go the very next day. It was very scary at first, but the staff was extremely welcoming, and it had this peace about it. Her Story gave me a place to be still and to be comfortable with my own self. I learned so much about myself while at Her Story like how being anxious about things are underlying fears and allowed me to open up about my past trauma. I learned that as an alcoholic I can't just be, I have to always be moving forward in my recovery. Her Story helped me establish morning routines that keep me spiritually fit that prevents relapse. They also provided us with sober support by going to meetings, instilling good routines and habits that will set me up for a long-term recovery. Through Her Story, I was able to have a safe, stable place to start my recovery until I was accepted into an inpatient treatment center. I’m working on my twelve steps, seeing a trauma-focused counselor, got caught up on medical appointments that I had neglected. Because of Her Story, I have three months of sobriety! This is something I never thought was possible. My relationships with my husband and kids have been restored as well as my faith in Christ. I thank God and Her Story for my fresh start and in leading me into the lifestyle of recovery.”

The vision of Her Story is to bridge the gap in services for women, their families, and our community in recovery and substance use treatment. Our comprehensive programs provide holistic recovery options for women and their families. Her Story focuses on individualized treatment for everyone in our program, while offering 24/7 support, housing, and accountability in a home setting. Our staff are Certified Trauma Practitioners, Peer Supporters, Clinical Social Workers, and nurses. This multi-disciplinary team provides comprehensive treatment to best meet the needs of women in recovery, allowing space for not just recovery but mental and medical health as well.

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