Second Helpings supports the 1 in 4 people facing hunger in central Indiana

Help #FeedIndy

270,000 people in Marion County need food assistance. That means 1 in 4 people face hunger in our community. With continued support from donors and partners, Second Helpings is able to prepare thousands of nutritious, homemade meals for the adults, families, and children facing hunger in central Indiana every day.
For partner agencies like Cathedral Kitchen, gifts to Second Helpings provide more than food. Someone will have a meal they would otherwise miss. A person in need will be nourished and supported.
Cathedral Kitchen is the feeding ministry of Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral (SSPPC), and they have been feeding unhoused neighbors in downtown Indianapolis since the Great Depression. This program serves more than 100 people a day, seven days a week, all with donated food, prepared and served by volunteers.
“We couldn’t do any of it without the support of Second Helpings,” said Deacon Steve Hodges, the Pastoral Associate at SSPPC. “All this food is prepared with love.”
“Our guests are living on the fringes. Sometimes they have nowhere else to turn to, and so at least we provide a safe place where they can eat a large meal every day and they can take some food with them to tide them over for the rest of the day.”
Dr. Margie Pike, who directed Cathedral Kitchen for 15 years, remembers when the kitchen first partnered with Second Helpings in 1999. “When I heard about Second Helpings it was like a godsend to realize I didn’t have to cook this huge amount of food every day, that I had an agency that was going to be faithful day in and day out. They really go out of their way to constantly support us, so our success is based on the goodness of Second Helpings.”
Thanks to your continued support, Second Helpings can provide 1,400 meals to Cathedral Kitchen every week – and has delivered more than 425,000 meals to them since we started working together 23 years ago.
Food plays a powerful role in our day-to-day lives. Beyond providing nourishment, a delicious, filling meal brings joy and comfort, especially after a difficult day. Thank you for making it possible to feed Indy and provide more than food to our community.

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