Solus Christus, a hope for broken women

Solus Christus Farmhouse

Solus Christus, an 11-acre farm in Yadkin County, provides a refuge to women caught in addiction, abuse, and homelessness. Our 100-year-old farmhouse serves as a temporary place of solace, a home, as they begin their journeys toward recovery. Our staff labor to encourage, counsel, and give hope to the women who enter our doors. Once at Solus Christus, the residents apply to enter a 6 to 12-month faith-based treatment program. While waiting for placement, they attend classes, receive counseling, work in the vegetable garden, and with the animals on the farm. They join the family as a Solus Sister.
Sarah came to us quiet, full of shame, vulnerable and sad. When we left for treatment, we witnessed glimpses of a smile and the crumbling of walls. Recently, Sarah came to the farm, and she was unrecognizable. She was glowing, smiling, and full of joy. The Lord has begun the work of rescuing and redeeming her from brokenness, and shame. She is now full of hope for the future and the love of Christ.

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Solus Christus Inc
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A shelter, a home, a safe haven, a place of solace in the midst of chaos
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Solus Christus