Stories of Habitat Homebuyers

Habitat homeowner ribbon cutting

It never fails. When we meet our homebuyers and get to know them, we are continuously amazed by their stories, drive, and dreams – most of them shared by all people. Yvangela was used to apartment living but dreamed of owning a warm and inviting family home where her family could visit just as she had done
growing up. However, life challenges seemed to always stand in the way. Habitat’s homeownership team was able to assist Yvangela not only with becoming a confident homebuyer, but also to see what life and budgets looked like beyond
settlement day. Today, Yvangela owns our 20th home in Northwest Baltimore’s Pen Lucy neighborhood.
Another recent homebuyer, Carleigh, works as a college administrator. She was able to find a home in Milton-Montford and was excited to take part in the neighborhood revitalization activities happening throughout East Baltimore.
Today, Carleigh is settled into her new home as a first-time homebuyer and a self-proclaimed “Habitat volunteer for life”.
Finally, there is Tasnim and Salih, a family of six who desired a home where each of their children could have their own space. Today, the family resides in a beautiful home with lots of room both indoors and outdoors for their children to play and make new memories, all within walking distance of playgrounds and
a community greenspace in Woodbourne-McCabe.
These stories are just a glimpse of the 785 individuals who have purchased homes through Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake’s homebuyer program. Telling these stories helps us dispel the misconceptions surrounding our program.
Prominent misconceptions include the idea that Habitat gives way homes. At the same time, deserving homebuyers may disqualify themselves from this life changing opportunity because of a stigma of accepting assistance or support.
From teachers, to drivers, to customer service representatives and nurses, each family invests hard work and dedication on an intensive path to homeownership. While attending homeowner education courses and completing sweat equity hours, partner families take steps to become strong future homeowners with the skills needed for success.

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Habitat homeowner ribbon cutting
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