From Suffering to Celebration

Strengthened marriage, stronger community

Nyachar Gatkuoth lives in Sector 2 of the Bentiu displacement camp, near World Relief’s health clinic supported by USAID-OFDA. Nyachar and her neighbors have relied on the clinic for all of their health needs since they moved to the camp. The clinic sees patients daily, offers reproductive health services, and has a standard laboratory and pharmacy. It also utilizes “Home Health Promoters” to reach out to residents who might otherwise miss health services. Last year, staff from the clinic stopped at Nyachar’s shelter during their normal house-to-house visits in the camp. Their purpose was to pass along health and hygiene educational materials, as well as find active cases to refer to the clinic. The visitors found Nyachar at home by herself and very distraught. In the nine years she and her husband had been married, she told them, she had never conceived a child. In her community, infertility is met with prejudice and stigma, making her suffering even worse. The staff referred Nyachar to the clinic to see the clinician and the Reproductive Health Officer. At the clinic, her medical history was taken and she was sent to the laboratory to test for STIs and other infections. The clinician ruled out these causes of infertility but treated her for a minor infection. Two months later, Nyachar visited the clinic again, only to discover that she was now pregnant. Nyachar was so excited to hear this news. She attending all of her prenatal visits at the clinic, and on March 5, 2019, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her daughter was healthy, weighing 7 pounds and 4 ounces. Nyachar’s husband, Gatkuoth was very happy at the birth of his daughter. “I can’t believe how fortunate we are,” he said. “this our firstborn after nine years of marriage. Thank you very much for helping us.” In the months that followed, Nyachar and her daughter attended their first post-natal visit at the clinic and received nutritional counseling about breastfeeding. Clinic staff continue to visit the family at their home. Nychar’s extended family also extended their appreciation to the midwife and clinic staff for providing medical care and psychosocial support during the time of Nyachar’s distress.

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World Relief
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A couple that worked with World Relief
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Esther Mbabazi / World Relief