Thankful for Animals

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Animal Charities of America
There are countless reasons we fight for animals: to advocate, protect, rescue, rehabilitate, preserve habitats, train service animals, and so much more. It all comes down to one common idea; we need animals, and they need our help!

We need animals to help remind us of the importance of protecting our vital resources, our rainforests, oceans, and wilderness. Animals give us emotional support, independence, working partnerships, and protection. Above all, we need them for the unconditional love that they share with us!

It is because of you, our Combined Federal Campaign army of supporters, that we can do so much. We do not have the words to share with you of the many incredible success stories you make possible. Please visit our website to watch videos and read about the impact you have made!

Thank you, CFC donors, for our past, present, and future success in supporting animals!

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Animal Charities of America
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We love our animals!
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Animal Charities of America