Tia's Pathway to Financial Stability

Tia In Her Safe Reliable Vehicle

On Friday, January 21, Tia received the keys to her new 2005 Toyota
Sienna from Second Chances Garage. With the help of the Prosperity
Center and the Pathway to Transportation program, Tia was able to
ensure that she and her child have reliable transportation.
Tia is a single parent. As well as having her own transportation
needs, such as work and attending college, Tia is also responsible
for her child’s transportation. Tia says that having a car is a big help
with demands such as her “career, education, being a single parent,
providing food for [her] household, [and] taking care of [her] personal
business.” Having a car ensures that Tia and her child can meet their
basic needs. Reliable transportation is a necessity in a place like
Frederick County, where walking or bicycling is not always a viable
option and public transportation doesn’t service many neighborhoods
and job areas.
While investments like a car can be beneficial and save an individual
or family money in the long run, they often include short-term
expenses that are out of budget. That is why programs such as the
Pathway to Transportation exist, to help families and individuals,
including Tia, on the Pathway to Financial Stability.
Through the Prosperity Center, Tia worked with a budget coach and
the Credit Café to change her approach to budgeting and improve her
credit score. Improving her credit score is just one way that Tia has
been preparing for the next big investment into her family’s future,
buying a house. According to Tia, her experience with the Prosperity
Center was amazing and heartfelt.
“It made me realize how blessed I am, even more with their help.”

Charity Name
United Way of Frederick County
Photo Caption
Tia Williams sits in the vehicle she just purchased through United Way of Frederick County's Pathway To Transportation program
Photo Credit
Latosha Adams