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All Smiles at Cariola

Mary Cariola Center is an independent, non-profit human services agency in Rochester, NY. We were founded by Mary Cariola, and we have been providing services to our Rochester community for 73 years. We serve students and residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities, medical complexities, brain trauma and/or multiple genetic diseases. Nearly 700 employees work at the Center, making it a top 50 employer in Rochester. As a non-profit, the agency must raise additional funds to fulfill all the services provided.
The agency operates a preschool, school age and transition program. We have three campuses where approximately 450 students from over 50 school districts and 11 surrounding counties come to school. Students receive medical services as well as therapies such as physical, occupational, vision and even music. Every student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that outlines their education overview and provides constant updates with their school district and families. Cariola students attend school for basically 11 months (not including holidays) as their learning is vital to reaching milestones once thought impossible.
Agency also owns and operates six group homes around Monroe County, provides therapeutic respite services for families, and has several community services programs. The residences operate 24/7 with staff, therapists, and on-site nursing. Our dedicated, professional staff work diligently to assist residents in discovering each of their potential. Each residence actively engages in the community where they are located and provides the opportunity for residents and neighbors alike to get to know each other, patronize businesses and much more.

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Mary Cariola Center
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Student and staff walking into school and holding hands.
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Alexis Ross