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WellBeing International-Ukraine Rescue, Relief & Rebuild (U3R)

To respond quickly and effectively to the ever-changing Ukraine crisis and provide support and supplies to appropriate locations as needs dictate, WellBeing International formed the US-based Ukraine Animal Rescue, Relief & Rebuild (U3R) Consortium. WellBeing International is staffed by individuals with extensive disaster relief and rebuilding experience. However, due to the complexities of the Ukraine conflict, WellBeing International reached out to other potential partners who provided additional skills, capacities, resources, and geographic locations to enable the Consortium to respond quickly, effectively, and efficiently to address the needs of the people and animals of Ukraine. In addition, WellBeing International also sought partners who would commit to the Consortium for the long haul. That is, a partner should be committed to the immediate Rescue efforts, provide food, shelter & supplies for ongoing Relief, and then assist in Rebuilding after the conflict has ended.
These are the organizations currently partnering in the U3R Consortium.
• Save the Dogs and Other Animals, a Romanian registered nonprofit organization, has donated over 200 tons of pet food to Ukraine and had a team at the Ukraine-Romania border for months to assist and care for people and animals crossing into Romania. Save the Dogs also supports more than 150 volunteers living in and around Odessa who feed and shelter (when needed) the many homeless animals abandoned when people left the country.
• Sloboda Zvierat, a Slovakian registered nonprofit organization, has sent over 10 tons of food to Ukraine and continues to offer food and veterinary services. It has assisted over 400 refugee pets and given away 300 pet carriers. Support for refugees and their pets is provided at all their shelter locations. The organization has hosted a seminar on how to build cat shelters for animal caregivers from K'viv. However, the rebuilding efforts are hampered at this time due to Ukraine's constantly changing security situation.
• Street Dog Coalition (SDC) is a US-based nonprofit organization known for providing veterinary care for pets of people experiencing homelessness in the US. Dr. Geller, its founder, and his cohorts, known as the "Blue Vet Group" (the tent was blue), provided vet checks at the border crossing at Isaccea, Romania. SDC has assisted refugees with pet passports, vaccines, and microchipping and continues to sponsor veterinarians helping zoos and shelters in Ukraine.
• Tigers in America (TIA) is a US-based nonprofit organization with world-class expertise in rescuing, relocating, and finding sanctuaries for large cats and other large wild animals. Rescue, relief, and relocation efforts to appropriate sanctuaries are labor-intensive, require coordinated operations and precision timing, and take considerable time from start to finish. TIA has been helping to rescue animals in Ukraine.
• WellBeing International (WBI) is a US-based nonprofit organization leading the Consortium and provides a website hub for U3R members, social media outreach, other communication support, and GIS mapping technologies. WellBeing International also conducts fundraising efforts for the Consortium.
The Ukraine Rescue, Relief & Rebuild (U3R) consortium will continue to build on its existing foundation to provide ongoing relief. It will assist Ukraine and neighboring countries in Eastern Europe in creating more effective organizations and infrastructure to support people, animals, and the environment over the long term!

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