From US Marine to Homelessness to Helping Others

Life is exciting!

Recovery is possible! Meet Barry. He is a former United States Marine. As a result of a drug and alcohol addiction issue after the service, he became homeless. In fact, he was homeless for 28 years. Due to his addiction, he got in trouble with the law and was facing a jail sentence of up to 30 years. He was 48. Thankfully the judge sent him to an addiction treatment program instead.

After treatment, he was still homeless and was on probation too. It was then he sought to improve his life by pursuing his education while living on the streets. Barry earned his first college degree while he was homeless! He has since gone on to earn a BA and an MSW degree too! He is also a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist! With his CPRS, he was able to secure a position as a director at one of RPSV's Recovery Centers, where he is making things happen for those he serves.

Barry has been clean and sober in recovery for 15 years and is proud to serve peers who suffer from the same disease of addiction and homelessness he did. He wants to help others understand there is a way out. “I wake up every day just to serve others and to help them head in the right direction so that they can get the assistance they need to succeed in life―and in recovery," says Barry! "Keep seeking help!”

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Recovery Program Solutions of Virginia (RPSV)
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Recovery from mental health, substance use, and homelessness is possible with RPSV!
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