A water pump changes everything!

Water pump in Haiti

My name is Jean Milo and I am a father and a pastor here in Haiti. CMMB installed a water pump near our home in February and it’s changed our lives. In the past, we had to walk 60 minutes to the nearest river to get water. The water we used before was really not good. Animals were drinking in it; people were bathing and doing their laundry in it.

The water pump from CMMB serves more than a thousand people in my community now. When I think about the impact of the water pump, I am filled with joy. People even come from other communities or nearby cities by motor bike or donkey to get water because they know it’s safe. This is a blessing for everyone. I pray every day for CMMB donors from all over the world who do not even know us but helped us get clean water. To you and to them I say, “Mesi anpil!” (Thank you very much!)

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CMMB (Catholic Medical Mission Board)
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Water pump in Haiti provides clean, convenient access to water for an entire community.
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