We envision a world where all people have an equal opportunity for quality education and quality health.

CFC Collage

We aid all individuals in need, including the disabled and veterans, as well as render health services in disaster relief programs. We strive to provide necessities such as safe water, food, clothing and basic school supplies to those who need it. We also provide need-based scholarships for college education and technical schools at various universities across the country and abroad.
We serve the disadvantaged and the poor by providing the needed tools and necessities to excel in education at the same time maintaining proper health care. By helping financially challenged students across America and abroad, we believe that, through education and health, these students will be able to continue the cycle of giving back to their communities. We are working to create hope and opportunity around the world by striving to strengthen communities in order to offer more opportunities, ultimately benefiting future generations. We are looking forward to working with as many women, men, and youth as we can in order to progress the world in the never-ending battle for human betterment.

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Thomas Gaiter Foundation
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Education, Health, Disaster and Hunger Relief.
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Volunteers from the Thomas Gaiter Foundation