What Helped Me Get Through Tough Times

You Bring Joy to Somebody

AK Child & Family was originally founded as the Jesse Lee Home in Unalaska in 1890 and has provided a home, community, school and medical care to hundreds of children. We are humbled and blessed to be able to share this story from one of those children:
Hello I am 14 years old and I have been here for 1 year and 2 months. My quotes are the things that help me get through tough times. When I remember that you are allowed to make mistakes I can remember that everything is going to be alright.
I’m here because of my anger and my behavior. I’m working on my anger and being a better me/person. If you work on your treatment very well you can be successful and get out of this place to live a better life. When I grow up I want to be married, have kids, be a better person and be rich. I like to go shopping, eat healthy, workout and stay active.
For those who don’t know about this place, it’s fun, you have freedoms, it’s not like another lockdown place where I was in treatment before, but our doors are locked on the outside part so you are safe and secure. Here it feels like you are living with other people in a house. Our staff are good at cooking for us and blessing food well (at least most staff). I think that staff are very supportive. They are respectful to you. I appreciate staff who walk in this building to come and help us with our behavior.
I think this place is cool and fun because you have your own space and private room. You get to go on pass, go on outings, have visits, get allowance, and go home after you discharge (sometimes).
If you’re having a tough time like a lot of us are, it might help you to remember that you might not think that you are important but you bring joy to somebody and no matter how you look, you are still important. Remembering these things helps me get through tough times. I hope it helps you too.
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