You can help more babies celebrate their first birthday!

Donor Milk Recipient, Mary Therese

Each year, The Milk Bank provides more than 400,000 lifesaving ounces of donor milk to hospitalized newborns and fragile babies across the Midwest. And every ounce has the potential to save lives.

Generous milk donors fuel The Milk Bank, but they can't do it alone. Every year, financial donors are needed to support the work that goes into every ounce of milk.

To ensure safe milk, each potential donor provides medical history and completes a blood test. Milk is shipped to The Milk Bank, where it is analyzed, mixed, bottled, pasteurized and frozen for preemies. From start to finish, each ounce of milk requires $4.50 of investment. And we believe that every ounce has the priceless ability to save preemies' lives.

The Milk Bank doesn't stop at safe donor milk. In addition, the team supports bereaved families, provides free lactation services, offers public and clinical education, and maintains a Medical Relief Fund to ensure equitable access to donor milk.

By making a gift today, you'll support preemies in the NICU. You'll provide comfort and relief to parents who are supporting fragile infants. You'll help more babies see their first birthday. Please, join your community in supporting preemies, and make a gift today.

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The Milk Bank
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A message of gratitude from Terri, mother of donor milk recipient, Mary Therese.
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The Milk Bank