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Oregon Field Guide Brings You The Wonders Of Our Region

For over 30 years, OPB’s flagship program "Oregon Field Guide" has delivered engaging and informed coverage of environmental, geological, ecological and outdoor recreation topics, while providing audiences a window into the beauty of the Northwest. This beloved show is just one of the many programs on OPB made possible by member support.

Support like yours also ensures that TV and radio programs like “Antiques Roadshow,” “Masterpiece,” “PBS Newshour,” “Morning Edition,” “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” and so much more are available, for free, to everyone in our community. And it’s member support that fuels the trusted reporting, in-depth analysis and independent journalism that is available anywhere, at any time on OPB TV, OPB Radio,, the OPB News app and on digital and social media.

As a public media organization, OPB serves diverse communities of the Northwest, reporting on and sharing a variety of authentic stories of the people, places, events and issues of the region. OPB keeps you up to date with daily local and regional news coverage, along with deep investigative reporting. Some major news series and initiatives include continuing coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, elections, social justice, the economy, our educational system and more.

Contributions from the community support “OPB Kids,” an entire TV channel devoted to the most trusted and educational children’s programs and resources anywhere.

Member support also helps create podcast series like “Timber Wars,” which takes a close look at the history, impact and consequences of the fight over Pacific Northwest forests that began a generation ago and continues today.

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“Public broadcasting makes the world a better place.” – Joshua, an OPB member from Monroe

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OPB senior videographer/editor Michael Bendixen on assignment for "Oregon Field Guide."
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