Zeke’s Story


Every child deserves to dream.
But when faced with the unimaginable, simply hoping for a better tomorrow can feel impossible. That was how it was for Zeke as he navigated challenging situations as a child. After facing hardship, Zeke found a loving family, one that wanted to support him and help him heal after the difficulties he’d faced.
With the assistance of a United Way Community Impact Funded agency, Zeke and his family received the services and resources he needed to thrive. Because of this, Zeke is able to excel and his family is able to advocate for him and support his needs.
Though healing isn’t linear, Zeke now has the courage to dream—about his future, about his goals, and beyond. The support he and his family received helped pave a path toward healing and a brighter future for them all.
And it is because of the investments made to United Way of El Paso County’s Community Impact Fund that children like Zeke are able to utilize much-needed programs within local agencies, which provide life-changing services to El Pasoans far and wide.
Your support makes a difference today and every day.
About United Way of El Paso County
For nearly 100 years, United Way of El Paso County has been trusted by the community to support the needs of El Pasoans. By mobilizing volunteers and donors, creating strategic partnerships with local leaders and organizations, and funding critical programs that support the education, health, basic needs, and financial stability of El Pasoans through the Community Impact Fund, United Way is able to enact change where it is needed most—including in times of emerging needs. United Way not only responds to the needs of the community, but provides a wealth of support to aid those in crisis. Through this work, United Way of El Paso County is helping to create a thriving community for all El Pasoans.

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United Way of El Paso County
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