Cancer Care Network Foundation

Cancer Care Network Foundation

Cancer Care Network Foundation CFC# 72243
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Thank you for your support of Cancer Care Network Foundation!
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Martin was too embarrassed to ask for the last $400 he needed to pay for his skin cancer surgery. He just didn’t have the funds, but had already been approved for financial aid. I went and met with him at his friend’s auto shop where he lived to pick up his bills, and we had a great visit. I’m so grateful that we are able to help seniors on limited incomes and social security with their treatment expenses!
Thank you for your support of Cancer Care Network Foundation! CFC#72243.

Cancer Care Network Foundation

Hi, this is Melissa from Cancer Care Network Foundation in Los Angeles. CCNF was formed by family members of oncology doctors because they could see how difficult it was on the cancer patients when they were trying to focus on their treatment and they couldn’t make their co-pays and deductibles. Sometimes they would just stop going to the doctor. So, we help give them financial aid for their treatment, and we hope that you can support us with your pledges. Our CFC number is 72243. Thank you!

Cancer Care Network Foundation
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