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Many Are Waiting for Treatment
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The Need
The Department of Defense and the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center reported over 420,000 TBI's among US Service members between 2000 & early 2019. The study states “TBI as the signature wound of the post 9/11 wars” and identifies the problem but does not offer a treatment plan for TBI. Many Veterans have not been accurately diagnosed or had treatment for their injury. Many are given medications, which does not treat the injury, it only addresses the symptoms. Defenders of Freedom offers life changing treatment for their TBI. The approach is Neurological, Metabolic and Physiological.

The Solution - Functional Neurology
This program is an intensive two weeks in duration and treats the patient for 2 1/2 hours each day. Blood work is drawn to look at the chemistry of the Veteran. Day one is a full day of diagnostics which guides the doctors in developing a unique treatment plan for the individual’s injury. Among several modalities, rTMS is proving to be highly effective with anxiety, depression, an overall calmness, and sleep. Many times, the effects can be felt immediately, and the Veteran can begin to have better sleeping patterns on the first day.

The Results
What Happens to Veterans After Brain Treatment
98% Improvement in sleep
41% Decrease in depression
87% Decrease in anxiety
60% Improvement in cognitive activity
38% Increase in memory
78% Improvement in processing speed
67% Improvement in attention
65% Reduction in depression scores through PHQ9

Changing Lives by Treating TBI

0:00 traumatic brain injury is the signature
0:02 wound of post 911 veterans many times it
0:05 is going undiagnosed and untreated or
0:07 it's being lumped into post-traumatic
0:09 stress diagnosis they are two different
0:11 injuries Defenders of Freedom offers
0:14 veterans treatment for brain injury
0:16 through a functional neurology program
0:18 at resiliency brain health in Cel Texas
0:21 so last night was the first time I've
0:22 gone uh 7 hours of un uninterrupted
0:26 sleep it's been I think 2001 is the last
0:28 time I can remember like sleeping this
0:30 is two weeks that are going to change
0:31 your life but it's really just the
0:33 beginning of your treatment of your
0:35 healing process we've got homework and
0:37 stuff we have to continue on when we get
0:39 home supplements and this is the most
0:40 comprehensive traumatic brain injury
0:42 protocol that I have read about and I'm
0:45 fortunate to be experiencing it
0:46 firsthand this organization is amazing
0:50 these are the best doctors I've ever
0:51 worked with you become basically I feel
0:54 like lifelong friends with
0:57 them

Defenders of Freedom
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