Food Bank of the Rockies

Food Bank of the Rockies

Mara, a Mobile Pantry Client in Lakewood
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Mara, a Mobile Pantry Client in Lakewood
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Caitlyn Barnett

Two hours before her local mobile pantry opened for the morning, Mara pulled into the parking lot and secured her place in line. While her husband works full-time, Mara also works: taking care of their children and researching all available resources to help their family get by; her husband’s salary is just enough so that they can’t qualify for SNAP benefits.

“Every month we're struggling. As soon as we're saving the little we have, after we pay the bills and rent and everything, we are like, okay, well, this is just for gas,” said Mara. “We need a bigger car because we’re a family of five, so to fill up it’s $300 or $400 a month.”

In addition to getting food from Food Bank of the Rockies’ mobile pantries each month, Mara also knows where to go for diaper donations and other assistance. Everything counts.

“Everything keeps going up in price, and every penny we earn goes to necessities: bills, gas, rent, car maintenance, things for the kids,” she said. “We struggle, but thank goodness for resources like this.”

Food Bank of the Rockies - Thank You!

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The combined federal
campaign has made a huge difference

00:00:03:21 - 00:00:08:05
for people facing hunger across
Colorado at Food Bank of the Rockies,

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we look forward to a day when every person
has adequate access to nutritious food.

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But until then, food
Bank of the Rockies is going to be here

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stepping up to serve people
in our community and doubling

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down, growing
like we have never grown before.

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With programs like our Food for Kids
program, mobile pantries, evergreen food

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boxes for older adults, and our culturally
responsive food initiative.

00:00:35:19 - 00:00:39:21
We are so grateful for you,
our federal employees and the combined

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federal campaign for helping to make Food
Bank of the Rockies work possible.

00:00:44:12 - 00:00:49:17
Thank you for your hard
work, your dedication and your support.

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You're giving us the power to continue
to step up with perseverance and help.

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