Hope for the Hopeless

Charity Name
Life Challenge of Amarillo

Charity Type

CFC Number

1. CFC intro slide
2. Life Challenge intro slide
3. Video of student deciding he needs help:
4. “I was drunker than drunk, I was just out of my mind, and all of the sudden I just started breaking down in tears and I said I needed help, and I needed love, I remember that like it was yesterday”
a. Life Challenge is a recovery home
b. For men struggling with addiction
c. We are non-profit
d. And depend on donations to keep our doors open
e. While living at Life Challenge
f. A student receives
5. Slide of Dining Hall - Meals
6. Slide of Dorm room
7. Slide of classroom - Education
8. Slide of students learning mechanics – Auto Mechannics
9. Slide of a student receiving clothing - Clothing
10. Slide of students digging a hole - Life skills
11. Before / After picture
a. A New Life
12. Closing slide with CFC number