Hospice of the Red River Valley

Hospice of the Red River Valley

Hospice Gives the Gift of Quality Family Time
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Glen's Family 1964

The time Hospice of the Red River Valley was able to give our family with my dad was a real blessing. I was able to interact with him as his daughter again and not as his caregiver.

They guided us through Dad’s journey; they helped prepare us and kept us informed each step of the way. Dad loved to have visitors and the time Hospice staff spent with him made a true difference in his quality of life.

Dad and I both knew the staff at The Madison and The Cottage so well and had a great appreciation for them. They treated him like family and I knew he was in good hands. As the Hospice team joined us, it was great to see the two organizations working alongside each other so well. It was really wonderful for all of us.

You often think of hospice as someone struggling at the end of their life, but Hospice gave Dad dignity until the end of his life. We often hear about death with dignity, but Dad was able to live with dignity. He was able to continue volunteering and spending time with his family, his two favorite things, while in the care of Hospice. With the help of Hospice, Dad lived until he died.

The care that not only my dad received but that our family received from Hospice of the Red River Valley took the pressure off of our family so we could enjoy Dad’s last days. Since his passing they’ve continued to offer support through our time of grief.

– Twila Aslesen and Family

Aslesen Family Testimonial

My dad was on hospice. Hospice took care of him for a few months. His name was Glenn Maurer. A few times when the nurse, hospice nurse, would come into dad's room and I happened to be there, they just were so good with him. Your loved one has a lot left, maybe not physical life left in them, but things that they can tell you about, that you can concentrate on because this stuff is taken off your plate.

Sounds selfish, but it seems they helped me be able to enjoy my dad's last days. I would recommend to everybody out there that, uh, just seek out this service and, uh, you'll be glad you did. It's one of the easiest phone calls you could make. It takes a lot of pressure off the family. It was like, yeah, that's it. It allowed me to, to interact with him more as his daughter again and not as his caregiver. So that, that was a huge relief.

Hospice of the Red River Valley
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