Little Victories Animal Rescue

Little Victories Animal Rescue

Sugar's life of hardship will find a happy ending
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Sugar nurses her unexpected litter of eight puppies peacefully, as she now knows the comfort of rescue and care.

On a recent September day, a member of our community found herself at our doorstep sobbing, desperate for someone to help with a beautiful stray hound dog. Sugar was dumped on the woman’s property, unwanted and abandoned, and she had no choice but to try to care for the dog. When Sugar unexpectedly gave birth to eight pups, the woman did not have the resources to care for nine dogs. Devastated, she also suspected something was very wrong medically with the new mom.

The woman rushed Sugar and her puppies, only a few days old, to find help. When no one else could do anything, the woman landed on our doorstep with Sugar and her babies. We could not say no. Sugar was quickly taken to the vet, where she was thankfully given the all-clear to continue caring for her pups. Today she is a happy, healthy mom with a big hound dog bark, raising her pups until they are old enough for adoption.

It is such a blessing that Sugar did not require extensive medical care, but all nine dogs still must be vaccinated, altered, and treated for fleas/heartworms when they are old enough. This will not come cheap. Your gift today sets up a life of success for Sugar and her puppies in their future forever homes and gives us the resources to care for the next dog or cat who needs us.

All nine dogs are spunky, sweet, and full of the joy you only see in a animals who have suffered hardship. Our mission is to give that joy to every dog and cat we can.

Little Victories Animal Rescue
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