United Negro College Fund

United Negro College Fund


Investing in the Future

0:01 established nearly 80 years ago UNCF has
0:05 fueled the educational aspirations and
0:07 the opportunity for more than half a
0:09 million college graduates each year UNCF
0:13 provides direct Financial education
0:14 support to our 37-member historically
0:18 black colleges and universities and more
0:20 than 50,000 students attending over
0:23 1100 higher education institutions across
0:26 the United States your support as a CFC
0:29 donor is critical to our efforts
0:32 employee donations like yours are the
0:34 second largest source of unrestricted
0:36 dollars for our students helping to
0:38 support them with the needed funds for
0:40 tuition fees books and other educational
0:43 resources to attain a college education
0:45 thank you for taking the opportunity to
0:48 make a real change by investing in UNCF
0:51 and as always remember that a mind is a
0:55 terrible thing to waste

United Negro College Fund
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