Marine Testimonial Transcript

[On screen text: Helping Children in Need Around the World, A U.S. Marine Testimonial]

I'm Isaac Anthony. I'm a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.

I was born and raised in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

I joined the U.S. Military at the age of 18.

I joined the Marine Corps to follow my uncle's footsteps, serve the country

help others in need, as well as to see how far I can go in my life.

Through the Marine Corps I've met many different people, both good and bad.

I've seen many cultures, many countries. Of all the places that I've traveled,

the work I got to do in Senegal has been one of my best experiences.

The people there are amazing.

[On screen text: SSgt Anthony changes lives through his military service and volunteerism.]

One of the main interactions I had while I was in Senegal was a clinic.

The clinic, it helped out sick children, adults. 

Malaria and many other diseases were rampant throughout that country.

And the people who came to that clinic were usually sick kids.

I got to interact with the children, help them out the best way I can.

One of the best moments of us helping out the Senegalese in the clinic

was through the Toys for Tots through the Marines.

The experience of giving the toys to the children of the clinic was very...

it was moving, actually. It was really nice.

[On screen text: The CFC allows us all to be changemakers.]

You can do something to help somebody else.

And, what impact you have on them can be meaningful.

It can change their day. It can make it go from good to bad.

It is important to give back through the CFC because

it provides you with the opportunities in which you can help others.

You can be the Changemaker in someone's life.

See the results from your actions on another person's life.

No words can actually describe how great that can actually feel.