Youth Development

Meet Ryan & Jerome

Big Brother Ryan and Little Brother Jerome have been matched since December of 2018, and supported all along the way by Jerome’s mom, Shonna. 

Ryan was inspired to become a Big because of the impact of his older sister. They have been best friends for his whole life, and Ryan “always wanted a younger sibling because she has been an amazing mentor to [him]”. There was pride in Ryan’s voice as he continued, saying, “Jerome has been an amazing little brother and we’ve had a ton of fun together.”

Making a difference in the life of a child!

My daughter’s experience & exposure has truly helped her grow in ways that will benefit her for a lifetime. She has connected & bonded with a beautiful mentor and has made new friends along the way. I can go on for days about Bernadette’s House & the positive impact it has had...but it’s not over! The founder of Bernadette's House, Mrs. Carol Nash, is one of my favorite “sheroes” and mentors. She is a visionary with persistence that is noteworthy. A lover of people, full of integrity.


Novah is one of the amazing children who comes to CDS. When her mom was expecting Novah, through an ultrasound, they discovered that her head was shaped like a lemon and suspected that she would be born with developmental challenges. When she was born, Novah was diagnosed with spina bifida and other developmental disabilities. Her mom said she was hurt and wondered “why her”. She said she did everything right with all her prenatal appointments and did not know why she had a child with a disability.