Testimonial Video Script

Hi, I’m Steven Coffee, a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force, and I’m speaking to you from Qatar. I joined the Combined Federal Campaign so that I can give to and support charities that can advocate for parents with children that have chronic medical conditions. 

You know, there’s a saying that you never know what life throws at you. These words never rang more true than with the birth of my son, Steven Coffee II. In his life, I would discover my passion as a father, my interest in patient advocacy, and the world would be introduced to a living miracle.   

Steven received a lifesaving liver transplant in 2012, due to a misdiagnosis of a rare metabolic condition called galactosemia. Steven was in a Washington, D.C. hospital, when one of the resident doctors was talking to a senior doctor mentioned, “This is Steven. Our 2-month-old from an outside hospital who has fulminant liver failure, secondary to galactosemia”. 

In the military, I am trained to be a problem solver, to adapt and to adjust to adversity, whether it’s on the battlefield or in our lives. But as a newlywed and a new parent, during my son’s transplant, I felt alone and helpless. And now, seven years later, I’m on a mission to see that others don't feel as helpless as I did during that time.   

We’re still impacted by these kinds of issues. You know, I’m deployed for a year, and my wife, like many other spouses and people around the world, is adjusting to a new normal in life. In my absence, in addition to her role as being a mom and being a wife, she’s now introduced and included being a third-grade teacher, working professional, counselor, and countless other tasks associated with being a military spouse. One thing that she, like many other spouses and caregivers like her, need is a little help. And that’s where CFC comes in.  

Why is it so important? The CFC gives us the ability to connect with charities, like those that have impacted our lives. They’ve helped us navigate a complex medical landscape and helped manage our situation.   

So, whether it’s health care, patient advocacy, education, or whatever your cause, it's easy to get involved.  

Through the CFC, you can Show Some Love to a charity that impacts YOUR life.  

 I'm Lieutenant Colonel Coffee, and I care about patient advocacy. What's your cause? Go to GiveCFC.org and Show Some Love today. Thanks.