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2020 CFC Results Map
Updated December 15, 2020

Click the numbered pin on each zone to see the current amount pledged.

CFC Map Zones

Alaska CFC (Zone 01)Southern California CFC (Zone 03)Desert Southwest CFC (Zone 09)Mountain States CFC (Zone 10)Carolinas CFC (Zone 25)Cascadia CFC (Zone 06)Chesapeake Bay Area CFC (Zone 31)Eastern Pennsylvania & Southern New Jersey CFC (Zone 30)Garden Empire CFC (Zone 34)Gateway CFC (Zone 14)Greater New York CFC (Zone 35)Greater Tennessee Valley CFC (Zone 24)Hawaii/Pacific Area CFC (Zone 02)Heart of the Midlands CFC (Zone 12)Heartland CFC (Zone 13)Indiana, Kentucky & Southwestern Ohio CFC (Zone 27)Michigan CFC (Zone 26)Midwestern CFC (Zone 15)Mississippi Delta/Gulf Coastal Plains CFC (Zone 20)National Capital Area/Northern Virginia CFC (Zone 32)New England CFC (Zone 37)Peachbelt CFC (Zone 23)North Texas CFC (Zone 17)Northern California CFC (Zone 04)Northern Lights CFC (Zone 11)Ohio CFC (Zone 28)Oklahoma & Texas Panhandle CFC (Zone 16)Oregon CFC (Zone 07)Overseas (Zone 38)South Central Texas CFC (Zone 19)South Central Virginia & Albemarle Bay CFC (Zone 33)Sunshine CFC (Zone 22)Upstate New York CFC (Zone 36)Western Pennsylvania & West Virginia CFC (Zone 29)Texas Gulf Coast CFC (Zone 18)Peachbelt CFC (Zone 23)Southeast Tri-stage CFC (Zone 21)