Working Dogs For Vets

Thank you for your support and giving through the CFC. Your support helps to save lives at both ends of the leash! Our priorities are: To provide trained service dogs to veterans at no out-of-pocket cost to the veteran. To reduce suicide rates among our veterans. To help reduce overpopulation among shelters.

Mission Accomplishments 7/1/2022-6/30/23
0 Suicides, 3215 Veteran members,

Working Dogs For Vets helps veterans of all eras. All are heroes and have served in the military. We have been honored to serve these brave men and women that have given this country so much; It is our duty, honor, and privilege to support our team's training for life.

Thank you for pledging volunteer hours!
Please contact our volunteer coordinator
Brenda Knabenshue
[email protected]
84-Dogs-Help = 843-647-4357

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Working Dogs For Vets