Cause of the Week: Animal Welfare

GIVE HAPPY so animal lovers like Evan can find companionship through animal adoption and an image of a man and a cat.The CFC cause of the week is Animal Welfare. Did you know that here in the United States, there are nearly 1,300 estimated endangered species? Annually, there are 6 million animals in shelters waiting for their fur-ever homes.

These creatures, with whom we share the Earth, cannot speak for themselves, and so it is the mission of many CFC charities to speak on their behalf. Being good stewards of the animals in our care includes raising awareness for rescue efforts and supporting wildlife rehabilitation. 
Those who have adopted beloved animals from shelters and rescue organizations can thank donors and volunteers for the veterinary support and other resources that help keep animals safe and healthy while they wait to find their families. Animal welfare organizations promote a hopeful future for scaly, furry, feathered, and fin-covered species alike. 

Here is just one example that illustrates how a CFC-participating charity improves the lives of animals and the people who love them: 
Many senior dogs and cats find themselves alone in cold cages at animal shelters due to their owners passing away or being unable to care for them any longer.    

One such older dog, Rome, was rescued by a CFC-supported organization that works to put elderly dogs in foster homes to live the rest of their lives in care and comfort. That was the plan until Rome met Bob, also a senior who had not had a dog since he was a child. It was love at first sight, and they are now living happily together.    

Here are a few more examples of how CFC donations can help: 

  • Provide medical treatment to animals in shelters.  
  • Rescue sea life trapped in plastic and other human refuse dumped in the oceans. 
  • Investigate and prosecute wild animal trafficking.