CFC Reference Materials

CFC Federal Regulations

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Regulations govern all aspects of the CFC. Executive Orders 12353 and 12404 authorize the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to prescribe rules and regulations to facilitate fund-raising on behalf of charitable organizations through on-the-job solicitation of Federal employees and military personnel, and to ensure that recipient agencies are responsible in the use of the funds raised. CFC Regulations can be found in Title 5, Part 950 of the Code of Federal Regulations maintained at most regional and university libraries.

OPM Directives, Guidance, and Memoranda

Memoranda establish timetables and offer additional guidance consistent with existing regulations or otherwise inform the CFC community about matters affecting the campaign. Memoranda are dated and numbered by year and issuance (for example, "2001-2" means this is the second advisory memorandum issued in 2001.) Memoranda are disseminated to the CFC community by e-mail as they are issued and become available to the public after posting to the OCFC website. 

Government Accountability Office Decisions

CFC Fundraising within the Department of Defense (DOD)

CFC 50th Commission