Cause of the Week: Arts & Humanities

GIVE HAPPY so creative young artists like Chloe can develop their talents and a photo of a little girl with paint all over her hands.

The CFC cause of the week is Arts & Humanities. Throughout history, humans have explored our identity through our creative pursuits: film, painting, dance, poetry, music, literature, sculpture, photography, and more. The arts help communities understand their own history and preserve their culture for future generations.    

Arts and humanities broaden our experience and enrich our lives. Studying arts and humanities teaches young people to think creatively and critically, preparing them to succeed in a rapidly changing world.    

Here is just one example that illustrates how a CFC-participating charity is built on these principles: 

Danny’s passion for creativity and art led him to start a CFC-participating charity that uses art to connect communities and preserve culture for future generations. He believes everyone can realize his or her  potential through artistic expression and education.    

His organization employs veterans who partner with inner-city artists to create art programs for kids.    

It also has programs that support more holistic health care options for veterans, teachers, students, and creators.   

Here are a few more examples of how CFC donations can help: 

  • Preserve historic buildings and other sites for future generations to enjoy.
  • Host after-school music, art, and theater classes. 
  • Sponsor community programs in local libraries.