Awards Program - Cascadia CFC

At the end of the campaign, agencies, installations, offices, and/or units will be presented with signed, digital certificates (suitable for printing) recognizing their achievements. 

National OPM Awards

Each year, OPM recognizes the efforts of CFC Heroes and CFC Innovators. Check out some of the past winners and nominees.

Federal employee holding her hand upUnit/Office Awards

  • All-for-One Award - Recognizes the Federal office with the highest participating rate in its size category.
  • Over-the-Top Award - Recognizes the Federal offices that increased their year-over-year CFC contributions:
    • Gold: Raised more than 51% greater than previous year
    • Silver: Raised between 26-50% than previous year
    • Bronze: Raised more than previous year by up to 25%

Campaign Worker Awards

  • CFC Superhero Award - Recognizes campaign workers for:
    • Going above and beyond
    • Overcoming challenges
    • Achieving great results
    • Inspiring volunteerism
    • Doing something new and innovative
    • Reaching people in new ways

Size categories:

Small = 1-49 employees
Medium = 50 - 199 employees
Large = 200+ employees

Cascadia CFC 2023 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 award winners! Thank you for taking on this valuable role as a Campaign Worker to raise millions of dollars to help people in need. The work you did is critical to the success of this effort.