Cause Video Transcript

00:02 Every year, Federal employee like us rally to support charities we choose through the CFC.

00:08 Because when we give, it makes the world a lot more happy.

00:17 GIVE HAPPY So Veterans can be given the care and respect they deserve.

00:25 So more brilliant young artists get the chance to follow their dreams.

00:32 So we can leave the world better than we found it.

00:37 So children and families thrive together.

00:42 So responders can rescue victims in a disaster.

00:49 So people can find their way out of darkness.

00:54 So more patients get to hear good news from their doctors.

01:00 When Federal employees give together, they spread happiness and they get happier too.

01:05 The CFC is a great way to help impact the lives of people in need.

01:11 It’s amazing to see how donating a little from each paycheck, or pledging a few volunteer hours, adds up to so much happiness when we give together.

01:23 GIVE HAPPY today at