Cause of the Week: Mental Wellness

Counseling Services; Rehabilitation Programs; Victim Services; Community Centers; Hotline Services; Disaster Relief; Intervention Programs; Persons with Disabilities 

The CDC estimates nearly one in five Americans are affected by mental health conditions to varying degrees, with over twelve million suffering from severe depression. When it comes to the mental wellness of individuals and communities, CFC charities are often on the frontlines, providing resources and life-saving care to countless each year such as workshops, online resources and education, hotlines, professional therapists and doctors, and improvements to the community through collaborative spaces.   

Mental wellness charities support communities by providing training to first responders and officers to better identify individuals suffering from mental episodes and at-risk behavior. Through the research, they can share information and educate populations to reduce stigmas and help individuals recognize signs in themselves and help them find ways to seek the care they need. 

$25 helps teach summer camp kids how to form positive relationships. Here’s how your CFC donations help to change the world in the area of mental wellness: 

  • $25 helps teach summer camp kids how to form positive relationships. 

  • $20 screens 16 individuals for a mental health condition before a point of crisis. 

  • $400 supports a whole senior community with a month of wellness classes. 

Are you interested in hearing from some charities working in mental wellness? Watch charity videos. Read charity stories

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