CFC Promo Video Transcript

This is the transcript of the CFC Promotional Video.

When the CFC began in 1961,

Alan Shepard had just become the first American astronaut in space;

the average cost of a new home was about $19,000; and

President Kennedy established both the Peace Corps and the CFC.

In its first years, the CFC started with less than 50 charities,

and today, we’re able to support more than 5,000.

The campaign is a longstanding federal tradition

that allows us to make a difference in our local communities, across the nation, and around the world.

These days, we know there are a lot of charitable giving options out there.

You may be wondering, “Why should I give through the CFC?”

One great reason is: we can give through our paycheck.

Designating a recurring gift through payroll deduction is easy and has a greater impact over the year.

We can each choose our favorite charities from the vetted charity list

and even give to multiple charities at one time.

The world is a better place when Changemakers like us give together through the CFC.

This year’s campaign theme, “You can be the face of change,”

highlights the federal employees and retirees who change the world through the CFC.

By joining this community of giving,

we add another dimension to who we already are:

family members, public servants, leaders, colleagues, and now Changemakers.

We don’t always get to see the positive impact of our generosity,

but when we do, we can clearly see why our gifts are so critical.

The bottom line is, thousands of charities need your support

find one that's close to you and the issues you care about on our website.

Ready to join in?

Here’s how you can be a Changemaker through the CFC.

Step 1: choose your cause. Whether you care about finding cures for diseases,

supporting military families, promoting equality for all, or another cause,

the CFC has charities for any cause you want to support.

Step 2: make your pledge. The most popular giving option

is through the online pledge portal. If you’ve given before,

it’s really easy to just renew your pledge.

Step 3: change the world. 

Thanks for tuning in! As a federal employee myself,

it means so much to be part of this caring community

that raises millions of dollars to help people in need each year.

My name is Vania Lockett.

DHS employee.

Volunteer. And yes, a Changemaker.

Every year, I give through the CFC

to support the causes that I care about.

The CFC makes it easy for all of us to change the world.

Join me in making your pledge at today.

You can be the face of change.