Charity Application Resources

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) application period is underway for the 2023 period. The 2023 initial application period closed on February 28, 2023. The 2024 application process will begin December 2023.

If you applied for the 2023 CFC - you should receive notification on June 12, 2023 of your acceptance or if your application had deficiencies. 

If your application was accepted for the 2023 CFC...

If your 2023 CFC application had deficiencies...


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Interested in learning more about the CFC?

The Combined Federal Campaign offers charities the opportunity to reach 9 million potential donors across the country and around the world. 

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Ready to apply?

Visit our new Charity Application Online Training System for a complete overview of the application process. We recommend having the online training open on one screen and the Charity Application Portal on the other.

Download and use the appropriate Completeness Review Checklist before you click "submit" on your application:

The 2023 application period is closed. See the 2023 Application Fee Schedule.

Having trouble accessing your account? Review the Requesting Access and Password Reset instructions here.

Once you have completed your online application, here's how you can print a copy of your application for your records and print a copy of the receipt for the application fee.

Watch Application Briefing.

Watch the replay of this year's Charity Application Overview Briefing.

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Check out our additional resources and guidance.

Here are a few resources to provide additional information on the CFC charity application process.

2023 Charity Application User's Guide

2023 Eligibility Calendar

OPM's Area of Service Memo

OPM's Memo to Federations

NEW for 2023 - Application Fee Schedule

Step 4 - Area of Service Examples

2020 IRS Form 990 and the 2021 IRS Form 990 Pro Forma (the highlighted areas represent required fields for pro forms)

What's Your CFC Group Number?  (Independent organizations can find their group number by filtering this spreadsheet. Member charities should contact their federation for group numbers. All new charities applying in 2023 will be Group 1. Reminder: Group 1 must submit a full application. Groups 2 and 3 submit verification applications for 2023.)

2022 Videos

These training modules from 2022 contain detailed CFC application instructions. CAVEAT: because they were recorded in 2022, some dates and fee information may be out of date. For the most up-to-date information, visit the Charity Application Online Training System.  


For more information, please visit the CFC Charity Administration Center.