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AHEAD With Horses and Cash
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Cash performing a Free Kneel on Justin
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AHEAD With Horses

February 2023

Cash is 6 years-old and has been riding with AHEAD With Horses (AWH) for 5 years. Cash has cerebral palsy and is spastic quadriplegic. He is unable to sit (for extended periods of time), stand, crawl, or walk without assistance. However, with the help of therapies, he has made great strides in gaining strength and stamina and is on his way to doing these movements on his own. AWH has played a major role in helping him achieve these goals. In the time he has been riding with AWH, he's had noticeable improvement in his core strength. When he started, he needed to have an instructor sit on the horse with him to keep him safely balanced. Now, he is able to ride on his own. AWH is also a great addition to therapies typically done in a clinic. It brings them out of their usual environment and gets them to not only work on their own skills, but to think about and bond with the horse they are riding.

-Sara S., mom to Cash

AHEAD With Horses and Owen

Meet 12 year old Owen G.

Owen is diagnosed with Sjögren-Larsson syndrome (SLS).

Owen has been riding at AHEAD With Horses for the past year.

“Equine therapy is the one therapy he truly enjoys.” -Cindi, Owen’s mom

“It does a lot to help his posture and walking as the gait of a horse is similar to a person.”

“He’s not shorter than everyone else while riding because he’s not in his wheelchair…”

“…He is taller and I imagine that helps with his confidence.”

Owen loves riding his favorite horse Justin, our Pony of America (P.O.A.)

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